Technical services.

At EOLE Aero, we specialize in a comprehensive suite of core services tailored to meet the unique needs of the aviation industry. Our expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence shine through in every aspect of our offerings, ensuring the smooth operation and seamless transition of aircraft across their lifecycle. 

Aircraft Transition Management Support. 

Ensuring a Smooth phase in / phase out .


With meticulous inspections, records management, and technical expertise, we ensure that aircraft meet all maintenance requirements and regulatory compliance, minimizing risks and reducing costs for lessors, lessees, and operators worldwide.

Pre-Purchase Services.

Acquisitions support .


Our Pre-Purchase Services empower aircraft buyers and lessors with comprehensive evaluations, technical inspections, records audits, and regulatory compliance assessments. We provide the expertise needed to make informed decisions, ensuring aircraft acquisitions align with the highest standards.


Pre-Recovery Inspection Services.

Smooth Transition, Hassle-Free Return.


EOLE Aero's Pre-Recovery Inspection Services simplify the process of returning aircraft assets. Our expert team conducts detailed assessments, verifies aircraft conditions, checks maintenance compliance, and ensures accurate documentation. This meticulous approach anticipates issues and costs during the recovery process.


Lease Survey Services.

Lease Compliance, Maintain asset level.


Our Lease Survey Services provide thorough evaluations of lease compliance. We inspect aircraft conditions, review maintenance records, and identify potential issues or non-compliance, offering comprehensive reports and recommendations for lease compliance.


Airlines Support. 

Technical Expertise, Tailored Solutions.


Maintenance Supervision, MCC, CAMO support, Structural Engineering and Project management.

Final Assembly Line Follow-Up.

Quality Assurance from Start to Finish.


Our Final Assembly Line Follow-Up services ensure that aircraft assembly meets the highest standards of quality and safety. We meticulously inspect, validate, and oversee the assembly process to guarantee that your aircraft emerges from the assembly line in optimal condition.


Additional Services.

Indexing and Scanning Services:


Efficient Document Management.


In today's data-driven aviation industry, effective document management is paramount. EOLE Aero's Indexing and Scanning Services streamline the organization and accessibility of critical information. Say goodbye to document clutter and hello to a well-organized and efficient document system.



Engine/APU BSI: 


EASA/FAA Part 145 Approval.


Since 2021 EOLE Aero has a subsidiary called AB&C which hold an EASA/FAA Part 145 approval to perform Engine Boroscope Inspections and blade boro blending on wing. For all of these activities, we are covering a large range of Aircraft type such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and ATR.



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